Faster Transition to Productivity

Freezee is an intuitive and playful way to make trainees and apprentices get a deep understanding of haircut structure. They learn faster and are able to use their skills on customers much earlier.

More fun and quality during the education

Using Freezee instructors and trainers don`t only boost the fun and effectiveness for their apprentices, but also for themselves. Freezee strengthens the passion for their profession and increases success rate during the apprenticeship.

More Success for the Entire Salon

Stylists who work with Freezee invest in the success of their business and show innovation and professionalism to their customers and employees.
Apprentices can be utilized much faster for high-value tasks and therefore contribute towards the economic success of the salon.


This patented innovation can be applied to all cutting techniques.

415 € (plus VAT and shipping)

415 €/Piece. Ready for shipping. Delivery time: 1 - 3 day.



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